Escape from the Monkey House

I used to be a Project Runway devotee, and I crushed hard on Tim Gunn, you know, in the kind of purely platonic way a twenty-something girl loves a gay, silver-haired fashion-god. In one episode, Gunn approaches a contestant proudly constructing a frock trimmed all over with long, stringy locks of human hair. He counsels […]


This is my therapist’s favorite word. Its abridged definition from the Encyclopedia of Philosophy reads, …the logical development of thought or reality through thesis and antithesis to a synthesis of these opposites. He usually throws it out in our various talks about the mind-fuck of infertility, treatment and loss, or the challenge of navigating relationships […]

What Lingers

We have a rash of weddings coming up this fall: two co-workers, a close friend’s little sister, and my husband’s cousin. I love weddings, and I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a bride’s blushing procession down the aisle without getting flush and weepy myself. Like the champagne of the toast, they are occasions imbued with […]

Let the games begin, again…

May I present my unhatched chicken(s), which I have been careful not to “count,” as they say, in those moments fraught with the anxiety of post-traumatic stress following late loss; though, admittedly, in other moments I am drafting lists of baby names, researching cloth diapers, and planning my curriculum for the upcoming year around an […]


The pitch of political sniping on social media seems substantially more frenzied than usual, even for a presidential election year. Between the Trump Train and the Bernie Bros, my feed is cluttered with memes that caricaturize Hillary Clinton as a comic book super villain delivering doom and death to democracy, and the news outlets I […]

The Cicatrix

ART forced me to face an intense childhood fear of needles. My mother, for example, loves to tell the story of my tetanus booster in 7th grade, when I literally wrestled the pediatrician’s hands away because he tried to quick-stick me in the arm before I worked through my hysterical ritual of breathing, bracing, and […]

The Apology

This is the post wherein the humble blogger details with contrition all the reasons for abandoning this space, though I’m not sure I feel much remorse, if I’m being candid. I created this writing space for me, initially, and it seems to have diminished in its purpose. While this is pure conjecture, I get the […]