Endings of Things and Uncertain Beginnings

This past weekend marked the end of the last week of summer at home, and what a gorgeous week it was–filled with all those lovely summer treats like cheese from Love Lane, local cabernet with friends over a sprawling vista of verdant grapevines, sand, ocean, shellfish, fresh vegetables, fire pits, family dinners, sunsets, boats, books […]

Needles, Again

Today I did my first injection since the final progesterone shot before the beta call; that was Monday February 25th. It feels like starting even though I’m still just priming. Today was Cetrotide to shut down natural secretion of FSH–trying to avoid those pesky dominant follicles. CD1 due this weekend. Breathe.

Photojournal: This is why I’m fat.

Are there any women out there who haven’t had, at some point, an at least mildly dysfunctional relationship with their body and/or food?  In too many ways, the baby frustration and the ART crazy-train have exacerbated this and thrust me squarely back into the conflicts of my twenties.  In short, I gained 50 pounds between […]


Our hip and urban, career-driven yet salt-of-the-earth, and fantastically childless friends–we’ll call them Jack and Kelly–came to visit us for this weekend to escape the grind of New York City life and overwork.  They came out on Friday, and we made it a night of wine and laughs, homemade pizzas, Pandora, and some drinks with […]