Act 5, Scene 1


This morning, while the sky was still black and the husband still slumbered unaware in our bed, the first note of the swan song rang through the house with that rote motion, like muscle memory, of needle sinking into the soft flesh of belly.  Today is the first day of my 6th and last round of stims.  It’s funny how sometimes small things feel big and big things feel small.  As my ovaries take the stage one final time, these little glass jars and plastic syringes are the only audience.  And my hopes and dreams, like puppies, eager and fragile, easily wounded but difficult to subdue–they, too, watch with bated breath.

10 thoughts on “Act 5, Scene 1

  1. Wishing you all the best with this last cycle. I loved the imagery of the puppies–as I care for a recovering pup who is starting to get her energy back after a week of being very sick, I can say that your description is spot on. Thinking hopeful thoughts for you.


    • Thanks for checking in. I’m still reeling a bit–just got home Thursday and my response was not great. I only got 3 embryos on the exact same protocol that got me 7 embryos 2 months ago from a pair of ovaries that always seems to produce 7 embryos no matter what the meds (consistently 5 times over). It was a shock, and I haven’t felt like writing because this just means I need to do it again…which sounds positively exhausting.


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