This is pure update, nothing profound. Since I splashed my doomsday depression all over the blogosphere for the past week, I felt I should ante up with the info. Here is the blast report from last night. I had five blastocysts that developed to biopsy: * Two developed to grade 3ab on day 5 (the […]

Consult: California Conceptions

There’s been a lot of chatter in my household leading up to the big OE verdict about what to do “if”. Also, I’m a doer, a person who likes to take action, and busily planning the back-up plan, while extremely stressful and heartbreaking, quells my anxiety a little bit about being caught off-guard by bad […]

Hello ICLW

I joined the ICLW gaggle this month after forgetting to sign up a bunch of times. I figure I should post a little something for the folks swinging through since I’m not an avid updater so much as someone who likes to take a long, slow time developing a piece of writing that is rich […]


Once upon a time I was terrified to get pregnant, and the commitment we were making to parenthood as we faithfully temped and charted was abstract at best. I understood that a baby would dramatically change our lives, but it was difficult to conceptualize what that would really look like, and I was panicked by […]