The Fortuitous Fumble

I screwed up. Call it overconfidence; call it miscommunication; call it nerves, but I took my first birth control pill for the downregulation part of this IVF cycle prior to getting Nurse-A’s go-ahead. Lo and behold they wanted to update my diagnostic day-3 bloods. I found this out when she called me around noon on […]

In the Waiting Room

Perhaps you’re expecting from the title a post about, maybe, the awkwardness of waiting room silence or the separateness of slews of women enduring the same experience or the writhing discomfort one feels when secondary infertility patients mash their angelically beautiful toddlers into all your rawness so as not to leave them unattended at home […]

A Resume

A. Fool 678 IVF Boulevard Still Hoping, NY 12345 Objective: Become a mother Experience Loving Children Informally Adopted Aunt The Ladies of ‘M’ Household, Long Island, NY September 2004-Present * Felt utter joy in their return after not getting to be around for the early years * Attended talent shows and cheer meets * Faithfully […]

Committing: NaBloPoMo

…And I owe it all to Hurricane Arthur, who rained out the 4th of July for millions of east-coasters. (Thanks, dick, not like I had plans to drink cold beer while sailing around the bay in the sunshine or anything.) This resulted in a 4th of July movie marathon and one antsy blogger who got […]