A Resume

A. Fool
678 IVF Boulevard
Still Hoping, NY 12345

Objective: Become a mother

Experience Loving Children

Informally Adopted Aunt
The Ladies of ‘M’ Household, Long Island, NY
September 2004-Present
* Felt utter joy in their return after not getting to be around for the early years
* Attended talent shows and cheer meets
* Faithfully remembered birthdays with gifts and cards and hugs
* Snatched sharp objects from toddlers
* Cleaned up spills
* Guided schoolwork
* Answered questions about life
* Hosted sleepovers
* Provided a warm environment for Thanksgivings and Christmases
* Carted gaggles of girls to amusement parks and movie theaters and malls
* Bought precious flower girl dresses and followed them down the aisle
* Babysat
* Sprang for ice cream
* Got kids ready for school (just barely!)
* Relished stories about crushes and first kisses
* Refrained from ever saying anything negative to them about their dead-beat dad
* Watched in amazement as they grew from babies to incredible young women
* Marveled at their confidence, warmth, sensitivity, creativity, and wit
* Always showed up
* Loved with open-hearted abandon
* Sobbed today as I hugged them goodbye before they got on a plane and left for good

English Teacher
Sometown Middle School, Long Island, NY

September 2004-June 2014
* Organized chaos
* Assured them they could, in fact, do it
* Wiped tears
* Provided structure, expectations, boundaries, and encouragement
* Helped
* Resorted to any silly or ridiculous thing to hold their attention
* Unlocked potential
* Witnessed growth
* Showed them why language is beautiful and powerful
* Found patience
* Felt awe
* Offered unsolicited kicks-in-the-ass to kids wasting gifts for lack of direction
* Stayed late
* Emailed answers to their questions on the weekends
* Wept at their misfortune
* Worried about them at night
* Aimed to inspire
* Loved, sometimes in spite of themselves, over a thousand growing individuals

School of the Hard Knocks, Eastern U.S.A.

6 thoughts on “A Resume

  1. Hi, This is very profound and reminded me of living in Spain, where people come, make friends and then leave again. Sometimes it makes me feel adrift and that makes me identify with your words. Just a question for you, having known of other couples who have gone through IVF. Have you heard of the Chelsea test? Where you are tested to see if you make antibodies when kill your husbands sperm because your body does recognise it for what it is?


    • We call that an APA panel, and I did have it done–all good. I’m glad you could identify with the post. I was looking for a way to express all that I’m feeling as about my friend moving away, and I was having a hard time doing that in narrative form with any kind of grace!


  2. Hmm this seems like a winning resume. I’m not sure why they haven’t gotten back to you! I think you should resubmit. Management is very disorganized sometimes.

    How are you doing? It must be very emotional to help mother and then say goodbye.


    • Very hard to say goodbye to them, and just as hard to say goodbye to her. I am moving her down there next week and coming back alone. She may as well be my sister, so this is more than watching a friend go, and it’s all completely synchronized with the IVF cycle. [sigh]


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