Speaking of the Chestnut Tree

I come to you from a country cottage in upstate New York. We arrived yesterday afternoon after battling too much traffic in the Bronx and New Jersey, but this darling little spot we rented for the long weekend punctuated the road trip perfectly, as did the the late afternoon hike followed by dinner and fun with friends new and old at the gorgeous barn-turned-house they’ve taken over for the week. We’re here for our friends’ wedding on Saturday, but also it’s worth it to mention that today is our own 5th wedding anniversary and the day that marks 11 years since our first kiss. I woke up this morning, groggily scrolling through my phone, and I have to agree with other bloggers who’ve posted recently that, jeez, freaking everybody is pregnant, but I have to make a decision not to allow that notion to color the day. I offer you, instead, a photojournal, taking a page from Anne Frank’s book, a tribute, of sorts, to “all the beauty still left around [me]”:

A grassy footpath


A welcome basket replete with arugula from the garden


A charming chessboard in our cottage, beckoning use (Mental note: learn to play.)


A verdant archway


Dappled light


And long late afternoon shadows


A spotted, orange butterfly who spread her wings and posed for me


A weathered sign


The sky, silvery blue with puffy clouds


Some potted sunflowers


And a patch of wild tiger lilies


A rustic feast in a country kitchen


Made complete by French wine


Twinkling lights


A bonfire


Morning coffee on the terrace


The birds are chirping; the sun is shining; the breeze is cool, and as soon as I publish this post, I’m lacing up my sneakers for a run. We have the rehearsal later plus a splendid little summer day of browsing local art in Woodstock, sunset sailing, and a romantic dinner for two.

Yes, please!


11 thoughts on “Speaking of the Chestnut Tree

  1. Congrats! Couples who remember the early attraction (your “first kiss” reference) do better in the long run, too. Sounds like you are among them.


  2. What a beautiful place! I was going to say “there’s nothing like New England countryside” but of course New York isn’t *in* New England! I love the “no wake” sign, and barns converted into houses. There’s a beautiful old stone barn near my parents that my mom drives by and says makes her think of me, and honestly it’s kind of a dream home, even still in it’s colonial barn state.

    Being surrounded by pregnancy is so hard. It used to give me hope, but then it just became frustrating waiting for “my turn”. Now that I’m on this side all I want to do is reach across and pull you guys with me. If it ever gets to be too much to hear from me, please let me know.


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