The Zombie Shuffle

It’s on. I started my FET calendar on Thursday. I have been trying to get into an appropriate spirit of measured optimism, but I haven’t managed to rally any spirit at all, unless you count a powerful longing for crusty baguettes and Humboldt Fog unearthed by my super restrictive anti-inflammatory diet. Even when my last […]

The Eagle Has Landed.

This most definitely doesn’t warrant an update, but it really all started with CCRM’s release agreement. Prior to that, I hadn’t given a second thought to the safety of shipping my embryos back east, particularly after the consult with Dr. Scott and hearing how closely the two clinics collaborate on their culture media, vitrification and […]

La Dernière Fois – An Update That Gets There Eventually

Among my favorite things in life is the symbiotic connection between the social identity of a culture and the language that springs from it such that words exist in some dialects to express concepts that are untranslatable except by assembling a mass of clumsy alternatives, which never fully capture their je ne sais quoi. I […]