The Eagle Has Landed.

This most definitely doesn’t warrant an update, but it really all started with CCRM’s release agreement. Prior to that, I hadn’t given a second thought to the safety of shipping my embryos back east, particularly after the consult with Dr. Scott and hearing how closely the two clinics collaborate on their culture media, vitrification and thawing process. Signing the document filled with a bunch of alarmist verbiage about FedEx “mishandling” our hard-won and literally irreplaceable embryos such that the canister could tip over, leaving all the nitrogen to drain out…”thaw”…”not viable”…DIE, DISASTER, BEWARE!!! (Okay, I’m embellishing with that last part, but you understand my panic?) It rattled me enough that I actually toyed briefly with the idea of jumping through the $4,000 worth of hoops to transfer out there. We ARE the catastrophe twins, B and I, so I don’t take even the most remote risks for granted. I got the email that they were en route yesterday while I was, coincidentally, having my super fun and enjoyable scratch biopsy, and have been sweating over this since then.

Tonight I’m happy to report that our three little peanuts arrived safe and sound (still frozen!) in New Jersey this morning with the FET poised for the day before Thanksgiving. Now if I can just manage my fear that my uterus is the most dangerous place of all for these embryos, I’ll be all set.

16 thoughts on “The Eagle Has Landed.

  1. I am already nervous that my embryos will be moved across town when my clinic moves in December. Bob doesn’t help by saying that the embryos will be bouncing up and down on a truck. I am so happy for you that your embies are safe and sound! What a relief! I have everything crossed for you for your FET!!!


  2. Wow! Just what you didn’t need — more stress in your life. Why do “releases” always go straight to the worst case scenario? So glad to hear your irreplaceable package arrived unscathed.

    Sending good thoughts for your transfer. 🙂


  3. Congratulations! As I imagine you know, we all are routinely expected to “hold harmless” all sorts of people for their injurious actions in the contracts we sign. The agreements are drawn up to protect the corporations, not the little guys (us). I remember questioning a bank in charge of handling the retirement fund of my business over a sentence indicating only “gross malfeasance” by the bank was something for which I could take action against them. In other words, everyday, routine “malfeasance” was OK. I left them for another retirement fund manager when they refused to change the language. Let this serve as a warning: your peanuts, your money, and anything else of value is at risk of legally protected mishandling whenever you sign away your rights. Indeed, I suspect half the reason contracts are so long and put in such impenetrable language is to prevent us for knowing how vulnerable we are.


    • It’s true. I remember the contract I signed to go parasailing – protecting them from retribution if they, you know, dropped me. It even said the word “negligence” as something they would not be “responsible” for. Unbelievable.


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