When I texted my best friend the picture of the hatching blastocyst we transferred today, she wrote back, “Omg!!! What is that??? Lol.”

It is funny-looking, like the misshapen jellyfish that wash up on shore in August, almost alien, sparkling in the summer sun like liquid stars.

That’s just exactly the time this little fish would be due, and the fantasy film reel of that possibility is too delicious to ignore. For this holiday of gratitude, you’ll find me curled up inside the magic of knowing with certainty, if only for this moment, that life grows inside me.

37 thoughts on “Jellyfish

  1. Wow. Hope you frame this and put it up at her wedding…hoping for you…That cute little embryo looks very anxious to get started! Happy Thanksgiving.


    • My husband started to fold the paper the picture was printed on when we got in the car, and I nearly tackled him. He looked at me like I was a crazy person, and I could only respond, “It’s the first baby picture. We have to save it.”


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