Tightrope Walking

I have been bleeding, and telling, and dissecting ultrasound numbers – effectively swinging violently between the moments of bliss when baby feels like a reality and others when my post-traumatic stress chimes in to remind me that bad things happen and caution against the arrogance of presumptions. The bleeding was a sobering moment. A week […]

Bright Spot

The first bright spot appeared in the bathroom on the toilet paper – bleeding, shit! Why? I’ve been spotting since Tuesday, and I really seemed to spin further down the rabbit hole each day I woke up to find the same brown discoloration. To further complicate things, I have been having a hell of a […]

I Have a Bean

When we listened to the message from my nurse on Friday, my husband cried big crumple-faced tears, some swirling medley of relief and awe. We clutched each other in crazed hiccups of astonished joy. No stark, white pregnancy test window followed by the sickening thud of the plastic thing dropping with resignation into the trash […]