‘Friends in the Computer’


It’s a little weird to have this epic thing bubbling through my life, walking around like a double-agent with a happy, hopeful (anxious!) secret but pretending it’s just your average Monday. The impulse is to shout it from the rooftops (except when I’m having bouts of dry-mouthed, flutter-hearted panic over the threat of a quick and deadly silent end to my precious bean).

Here on the blog, I did get that chance, and the visceral excitement I got back has really bowled me over – readers I didn’t even know I had, who followed this journey, invested in me, and emerged from shadows to celebrate in kind this initial boon. This post is for you, girls, my ‘friends in the computer’ whom I’m thinking of with such gratitude and humility tonight.

(phraseology snagged from Tertia)

11 thoughts on “‘Friends in the Computer’

  1. I remember for my very brief pregnancy I felt the same way in between first and second beta, that I had this most epic thing going on but I couldn’t show it to any sign of it to any coworkers during our work retreat. To reiterate my sentiment, I can’t be happier for you, friend, for this very much longed for, very much celebrated pregnancy. ❤


  2. My “friends in the computer” have gotten me through the roughest times and cheered the highest joys! I’m glad you have found similar bloggy friends!!! Hold on Bean, folks are cheering for you!!


  3. It’s a weird feeling to have such a wonderful secret. At times I want to keep it to myself as talking about it makes me feel like a fraud. Other times I’m so excited I want to shout it out.

    So very, very happy for you, this is just wonderful. Grow bean grow. My betas were on the low side with a just passing doubling time. But so far, so good.


  4. Sending you and Bean much love. It’s hard to quietly hold on to such a wonderful secret! It feels like a “split personality” thing. I remember that feeling. 🙂 Enjoy every minute of it.

    Continuing to keep you and Bean in my thoughts and prayers.


  5. Other than being called one of the “girls,” I’m happy to be among your “cheerleaders.” You will be able to identify me by the fact that I’m the one not wearing a dress!


  6. I’m honored to get to share this time. It’s truly a wonderful feeling to be in on this amazing secret. I loved sharing with all my blog friends long before we went public.. It means more with people who get it.


  7. Hells yeah! I’ve been thinking about you all cycle. It’s sort of nice that you can release this news here, and also get the excitement here, and then do it all over again in the face-to-face world when you’re ready.


  8. Sometimes I wonder what I would have done without my friends in the computer who I shared my innermost fears, my failures, my inability to have hope, yet they did, for me.


    Bask in the warmth of the collective support here.


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