The Common Ostrich shared a post a couple of months ago that reminded me how much the song Blackbird meant to me at one point, how it gave voice to all I was feeling in a few simple words and chords, how songs are wonderful that way – to lean into the melody and feel […]

Obedience (to Oneself)

I stumbled across the Misty Copeland story on Elephant Journal. Something about that dream-crushing line from the rejection letter she received at the tender and malleable age of thirteen really stoked the coals of defiance for me. Imagine: “You have the wrong body for ballet. What proper course exists when the realities of the body […]


I know it doesn’t seem like much, but pants can become a big deal when you’re caught in the rift between what almost was and what devastatingly is. In one of my first days off from work after learning Dakota’s diagnosis, B and I bundled up in layers and drove out to Montauk to build […]

Mother to Son

Dear Dakota, I was watching The Fault in Our Stars during that awful smattering of days when I knew I was losing you. Following Gus’s death, Hazel is inconsolable. Her father finds her crying, wraps an arm around her shoulders and says, But it sure was a privilege to love him, huh? It was a […]

The Reservoir is Dry.

There’s this saying that used to kick around my yoga world: The universe gives you what you need. My yoga-instructor-roommate then and now good friend was was making money hand over fist in those days leasing furnished apartments in New York City to major corporations. Her cat got very sick, and it literally cost $9,000 […]