When eggs hatch

…four little birds take long naps outside your windowsill.

It’s possible they hatched just in time for Mother’s Day, or at least that Sunday was the first time I spotted them craning their gangly necks above the rim of the nest with their mouths stretched open for breakfast. Watchful mama spends many hours on lookout in the neighboring dogwood.

What a scene!


14 thoughts on “When eggs hatch

    • I’m not sure I’ve ever seen either up close, so this is a treat, especially having a seat to watch the whole thing play out from robins eggs to robins.


  1. Beautiful! I love that you’ve captured both the babies and the mama on film. Like Mel, I’ve seen nests, and birds flying protectively, and the sad broken shells on the pavement, but never the actual baby birds in the nests. A beautiful image right outside your window.


    • Yeah, we have a sort of crazy bird population on our property with nests in the trees all over, but it’s pretty lucky to have this in the shrub outside the living room window!


  2. I love this. I love spring and all the baby creatures we see around us. This, however, is very special. I know I’ve been a bit absent commenting, but I think of you, and Dakota, often.


    • It’s a good time of year to go through something sad bc the sun is shining and the world is coming to life – plenty of distraction and inspiration to pull from.


  3. I’ve been praying for 4 CCS normals and found a nest with 4 eggs outside my parent’s house on the day that shall be nameless. They hatched on my trigger day. Maybe it’s a sign, maybe not. I look for signs everywhere.


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