La Bicyclette (And Other Projects)

Ye shall find here (for fucking once) a true “micro” post. I’m too flooded with glee over the arrival of The Bicycle for another long-winded treatise. Oh, she’s all chocolate and cream and a metallic akin to the shimmering sea with big swooping letters and whitewall tires and wicker. And this is the burgeoning sourdough […]

Fresh Page

With last chapter closed and September approaching, there is a wind of motivation billowing crisp and clean through the house. After a somber spring and an indulgent early summer, we finally found time to rip through the jungle of strangling vines and 5-foot stalks of God-knows-what crowding our rather imposing collection of flower beds. (The […]

Due Date

The alarm sounded at 5am. We repacked the overnight bag with a beach blanket and a cardboard postal box with his legal name printed in black lettering on the front, the weight of it in my hand a haunting reminder of his flesh-and-blood realness, my child whom I never got to meet. Driving in silence […]

Zen Purgatory

Summer is my season, if only because it supplies the rare opportunity to relax into a natural schedule not governed by outside demands – eat when the body is hungry, sleep when the body is tired, feed the mind with books, toss out the vitamin D supplements and take a walk without a jacket, play […]