La Bicyclette (And Other Projects)


Ye shall find here (for fucking once) a true “micro” post. I’m too flooded with glee over the arrival of The Bicycle for another long-winded treatise. Oh, she’s all chocolate and cream and a metallic akin to the shimmering sea with big swooping letters and whitewall tires and wicker.

Before (the flurry of frustration-born profanity and ultimate assembly)

After (This blogger was stung by mosquitoes approximately 46 times during the taking of this photograph. God love summer!)

And this is the burgeoning sourdough starter: She is quite a delicate and temperamental creature, rising on some days and luxuriating flatly (to my chagrin) on others despite all the immaculate implements, meticulously controlled temperatures, and direction-following. One day I arrived home from a long, sweet day of various forms of ‘summering’ to see that she had puffed herself proudly to well over 2 cups, at which point Rose of The Bread Bible recommended I give into “the impulse to give it a name.” Henceforward she shall be called Ruby, an appellation that somehow suits her fickle airs and yeasty wiles. Perhaps one day, she will actually yield some bread.

24 thoughts on “La Bicyclette (And Other Projects)

  1. I love that you’ve named your starter! Can’t wait for the bread baking posts. (I’m currently binge watching the Great British Bake Off.)


    • I pass a bike store literally 5 times a week when I jog through town. I think the online order and assembly piece was about owning the most perfectly pretty bicycle! (Oh the vanity…)

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  2. What a beautiful bicycle. And the sourdough starter. You’ve actually made the most of your summer–well done! I hate mosquitoes. They’re the bane of my existence and here in the south and make going outside in our yard impossible; and to make matters worse, we seem to have them 9 months a year.


  3. Mine is named Alan. Currently he is mad at me because I, thinking I was giving him a roomier and more stable environment, put him in a pitcher with a plastic lid, which, though it had air vents that I left open, did not give him enough ventilation. He became vinegary and pouty and communicated his displeasure with me in the form of a loaf of bread that I could have used as a weapon of self defense in a bar fight. I have taken steps to appease him and am currently working on some dough to bake tonight. If it doesn’t work, we may need counseling to repair our relationships. Fingers crossed.


    • Oh boy, so the tantrums continue after they’re already ‘active’? I’m having enough trouble just getting the brat to a stage in which she could actually leaven some bread.


    • The sourdough hobby started because I read that it’s better for you (natural probiotic, lower glycemic index, yadda yadda) but I have always loved it. And there’s so much science involved that it has just the right geek-appeal for me. Apparently it has to ‘mature’ in the fridge for 2 more weeks once it’s active to that the second strain of bacteria (which prefers cooler temps than the one that has been growing so far) can proliferate and balance the flavor. This bread had better be good! lol


  4. The bike is fabulous. It just looks like one of those bikes that is designed for idyllic meanders through the country side and farmer’s markets.

    I am totally in awe of your starter. I consider trying to get one going periodically, but always wind up too intimidated and worried I’m going to mess it up. Hope that you’re able to get some good bread out of it!


    • I’m trying to culture it from Wild yeast instead of buying it, but (sadly) I gave up on Ruby and started a new one. We’ll see how this one goes; otherwise I’m buying a commercial starter.


  5. I enjoyed the article you linked in the last entry. That’s cool the you’re making your own starter.

    It was great to learn about the benefits of sour dough. Too bad we didn’t learn that slathering butter all over it was actually good for us, too. Or that the benefits of sourdough increase when we grill it into a cheddar cheesy buttery mess.

    I’m not sure if I missed something, but did you say when your next transfer will be?

    Thinking of you. Hope your new school year is full of good times.


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