Universe & Pooh

We went hiking with some friends in the Hudson Valley over Columbus Day weekend to catch the fall foliage. Therapy, as one might call it. It was a crisp October Saturday, the sky a cloudless cerulean blue, trees flaming in cranberry and creamy ochre along the flanks of the highway roping through the Catskill mountains. […]

Too Chicken

The pink and blue ribbon for Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day is peppered across my social networks today. I’m actually surprised I haven’t seen it in my reader here at all. In an unrelated coincidence, I was reading Mel’s (non-sad) post this morning, in which she posted a link to the song “Say Something.” […]

The Lottery

This post from Scary Mommy cycled through my Facebook feed in August, and my comment on the thread was, The meant-to-be people: I want to punch them in the throat every time. Save for my devout Christian friends who maintain faith in God’s plan (and with whom I respectfully disagree) I suspect you, gentle reader, […]