We returned home from The Land of the Lotus-Eaters yesterday evening, so today I’m just catching up on all the holiday happenings in the ALI world. When I read Mel’s post this morning about the Creme de la Creme, and she mentioned which of her own posts “[summed] up the year for [her]” I wondered […]


When you become incensed at a Chinese take-out fortune cookie, you know that the battle to conceive and birth a live baby is slowly stealing your sanity. I’m just really glad I was home alone and that my poor husband didn’t have to witness my silly but maniacal explosion (Are you fucking kidding me?) and […]

Spokes of the Wheel

That summer we finally saw Paris, I wanted to wait for sunset to climb the forty steps to the roof of the Arc de Triomphe so we could see the lights of the Champs-Élysées blazing against an inky sky. We nearly missed it entirely. It was a balmy night in early July, when the long […]