Obligation to the Public Good

Bravo was at it again: adding to the fertility conversation with good intentions and questionable results. They recently posted an article that appeared in my feed, using Meghan King Edmonds (with the caption, “Meghan was very open about the IVF process.”) to launch a conversation about forty-something fertility and its relationship with IVF. The first […]

Membership Rites

I sent my first photo-collage Christmas card. It wasn’t my original intention. I am still uncomfortable with such demonstrations because I have had at least a hundred of those little grenades land in my mailbox over the years of trial and tragedy; I didn’t want to be the shrapnel wedged in someone else’s infertility at […]

Nesting and Know-It-Alls

Black Friday was expensive, but I bear no guilt. Babies need cribs, and the cribs we chose were 30%. Babies need mattresses, and Ubiquitous Baby Store ran a buy-one-get-one-free promotion that seemed uniquely designed for an expecting twin-mom like me. (Who else buys two mattresses at once?) Babies need clothes, and Gap marked their entire […]