Quickly, While They Sleep

Things I “knew” but plainly admitted were beyond comprehension until they have been lived: It is a crazy and instantaneous kind of love. The story of the birth is that I nearly had a full on panic attack in the OR. There is so much noise and commotion, bright lights, nine different people all working […]

Identity Shift

Not to say that motherhood isn’t work. Surely, it is an imposing and critical job that, done well, helps keep society afloat, but there was something surreal and unnerving about driving away from the high school where I teach in a car packed with milk crates full of books and binders, markers, stacks of unwrapped […]

To My Daughters

Mes Cheries, There is a blissful unreality to the fact that you are mere weeks from entering the world following such an epic quest to become your mother, but I can feel the round bulk of your heads and bottoms pressing against the walls of my abdomen while little feet and hands prod at my […]