To My Daughters

Mes Cheries,

There is a blissful unreality to the fact that you are mere weeks from entering the world following such an epic quest to become your mother, but I can feel the round bulk of your heads and bottoms pressing against the walls of my abdomen while little feet and hands prod at my insides, and I am reminded how fantastically real you are. Some day your father and I will start to tell you the story of how you came to be – through what strife and by what devotion – and I hope that you will see how completely you were wanted and loved even from the first spark of life, that you will know this in your deepest recesses despite the turbulence that is sure to challenge any relationship that matters.

I sit here awestruck on the precipice of what I think will be life’s greatest adventure. I cannot wait to meet you and find out who you are, to relish the surprises as you grow and shift and change, to recognize the bits of me and your father that carry on via the fascinating work of genetics, to also be charmed by the idiosyncrasies that are so uniquely you, to watch over your fresh exploration of the world in all its newness and see how it shapes you.

This world is a big, complicated place filled with such beauty and wonder that I wish for you more than a few of those moments when you feel dwarfed and transcended by the majesty of experience – to travel to strange and exotic places, to stand on mountaintops ringed by infinite sky, to fall helplessly in love with someone who deserves you. Let these gifts nourish you when the world also slams you with its cruelty and draw strength from the fact that you are the descendants of incredibly hardy stock. Let every wound and setback remind you of your endurance; let every triumph over adversity fill you with that unshakable sense of self-efficacy grounded in an awareness of your power and your worth. Don’t be afraid to get down into the mess of all that is beautiful and terrible about humanity so long as you are guided by principles of compassion and integrity. Your father and I will be behind you for all the broken bones and broken hearts to remind you: yes you can! The future is female.


8 thoughts on “To My Daughters

  1. I am so incredibly touched by your words and that you got to write this letter to your babies after such a long and incredibly difficult journey. I can’t wait for you to finally meet them and tell us all about that amazing experience of holding your own children in your arms. ❤


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