A Mom of Girls on Election Day

Last week I played a web-based game with my 10th grade students, which prompts them to enter a “team name” to participate. I watched the students’ teams pop up on my interactive white board at the front of the classroom as they logged into the game, and then, to my shock, this is what appeared: […]

Weights and Measures

My first guilty pleasure (as I’ve divulged previously on this blog) is the Real Housewives franchise. My second guilty pleasure is reading the Facebook comments on postings by media outlets, from decoding British colloquialisms on BBC and The Economist to gaping dumbfounded at the spectacle of human behavior any time The New York Times or […]

Escape from the Monkey House

I used to be a Project Runway devotee, and I crushed hard on Tim Gunn, you know, in the kind of purely platonic way a twenty-something girl loves a gay, silver-haired fashion-god. In one episode, Gunn approaches a contestant proudly constructing a frock trimmed all over with long, stringy locks of human hair. He counsels […]


This is my therapist’s favorite word. Its abridged definition from the Encyclopedia of Philosophy reads, …the logical development of thought or reality through thesis and antithesis to a synthesis of these opposites. He usually throws it out in our various talks about the mind-fuck of infertility, treatment and loss, or the challenge of navigating relationships […]

What Lingers

We have a rash of weddings coming up this fall: two co-workers, a close friend’s little sister, and my husband’s cousin. I love weddings, and I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a bride’s blushing procession down the aisle without getting flush and weepy myself. Like the champagne of the toast, they are occasions imbued with […]

Let the games begin, again…

May I present my unhatched chicken(s), which I have been careful not to “count,” as they say, in those moments fraught with the anxiety of post-traumatic stress following late loss; though, admittedly, in other moments I am drafting lists of baby names, researching cloth diapers, and planning my curriculum for the upcoming year around an […]


The pitch of political sniping on social media seems substantially more frenzied than usual, even for a presidential election year. Between the Trump Train and the Bernie Bros, my feed is cluttered with memes that caricaturize Hillary Clinton as a comic book super villain delivering doom and death to democracy, and the news outlets I […]